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Narrated by his heirs

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In the charming El Prado neighborhood of Barranquilla, the SteakHouse Chez Ernest stands as a testament to love and culinary passion. This gastronomic sanctuary was born on October 10, 1960, when the visionary Ernest Reiss Van Leuven and his beloved wife, the charming Liliane Madelaine Poirel of French descent, combined their dreams and skills to create an unparalleled culinary legacy.

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Georges Reiss, Sommelier

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Ernest's culinary journey began in the kitchens of Lyon, France, where he wove the threads of his destiny. His culinary art conquered palates in corners as distant as India, Canada, France, New York, Panama and Colombia, among other exquisite destinations.

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photo of Steakhouse Chez Ernest in its beginnings, Ernest, Liliana and Claude as a child
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More than a restaurant, SteakHouse Chez Ernest is a symphony of flavors that fuses culinary excellence with the warmth of a home steeped in history. Brothers Georges and Claude, faithful guardians of their parents' heritage, have kept the essence of excellence and warmth intact, turning this place into a temple where each diner becomes a loved one.

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Chez Claude Reiss

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Chez Georges Issac Reiss

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Time, echo of destiny, weaves the story of Georges Isaac, Ernest's grandson, captivated from a young age by family culinary secrets. His culinary journey, begun among the aromas of his mother's kitchen, intensified with Claude.


After years in the Basque Country, gastronomic epicenter,

Georges leads the kitchen today and fuses flavors from his travels. His creations are the pinnacle of refined techniques and a tribute to the family legacy. Every bite reflects love, tradition and the tireless pursuit of gastronomic perfection, thus perpetuating the Chez Ernest flame in every dish.

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Today our present is a construction of an entire legacy of learning, travel, good cuisine and hospitality for our clients.


Steakhouse Chez Ernest

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